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Using the Scottish government's policy 'Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach' as an inspiring guideline, Le Petit Monde provide creative learning activities for all pre-school and primary levels :

Early Level (3-5 yrs) and Level 1 (6-8 yrs)

BILINGUAL EDUCATIONAL THEATRE (20 mins shows + 10 mins dancing/singing)
- Feature Lapin and his puppet friends (who only speak French)
- Written using the Knowledge About Language (KAL) resource from Education Scotland as a guide to support French teaching in a lively and engaging way

- post show workshops designed to further children’s experience of our ‘little world’ through creativity
- With Tania’s guidance, the pupils make their own French puppets and get them talking or singing to each other, vocalising French sounds and words, in a fun and creative way

" What a very talented puppeteer! Super speaking voice- correct speed and easy to follow all the French. Wonderful show all together. "
(Primary teacher, Arts Across Learning festival / Aberdeen)

" We loved the puppets "
(Child, 7 years)

" This was a great event which gave us lots to think about. The presenter was brilliant and the story was well thought and planned. "
(Primary teacher, Arts Across Learning festival / Aberdeen)

" I liked all the “ funnyness "
(Child, 6 years)

Second level (9-12 yrs)

Using everyone's creativity and knowledge of French language or culture, Tania guides the pupils into writing stories that contain simple French sentences.
With the support of the teachers, these stories can then be developed and put into an appropriate and chosen format.

Tania is just back from Paris and has brought some really interesting things in her suitcase...

These workshops are a sensory introduction to the French language and culture, with a mix of objects, clothing accessories, pictures, all related to the French arts, monuments, fashion and every day life in general.

Their content is flexible and can be tailored to the school’s needs.

culminateCulminate shows and workshops with the One Day Visit !!

Tania arrives with her suitcases and is the school’s guest from Paris!
The full programme of activities for all ages and levels can be planned with the teachers.

" Le Petit Monde offers a very lively way to engage young pupils in French. The experience of a performance and a workshop can enhance and expand their use of the French language. All children, up to P7, can benfit from Tania's native knowledge and get an insight to life in contemporary France and the French culture. "
(Ruthanne Baxter, Creative Links Officer for East Lothian Council)

All shows and workshops have many links to the Curriculum For Excellence.
Please contact Tania for details, prices and availability.