“A Puppet is an object that appears to be alive when manipulated by a human hand.”

(Cheryl Hanson)

Artistic Statement

The bilingual element

Through carefully written scripts, our bilingual productions act as an inspiring, artistic and fun platform to introduce French language to children. It is not our intention to teach French.

We leave this to teachers and parents if they wish to do so and for whom we have created Learning Activities.

Essentially, our shows help children experience the French language being used in a context that appeals to them. Because we feel this approach is necessary to a child’s positive language learning journey, we always give it great attention when devising work.

As we always say at LPM, the characters happen to be French, so… of course they speak French!

Our values

French Language is not the only gift we wish to give through our bilingual productions.

Although each show will deal with a particular set of emotions, our core values – respect, love and fairness – shine in all our stories.

And of course, we share our French culture in any way we can!

Our beautifully crafted puppet shows are also bilingual and accessible to non-French speaking children.

The Wonderful World of Lapin

Tania has just arrived from Paris for a very special occasion: the world’s tastiest carrot competition!

In her trunk, she carries her very own garden, from which a whole world is revealed… A world of Tania’s animal friends, each of them desperate for a taste of her prize carrot… The wonderful world of Lapin!

‘Such a well-crafted, attractive and absorbing show which will always be well-received wherever it goes.’
(Sylvia Troon, storyteller)’

‘I liked the worm and the rabbit a lot! And the bird gave my doll a kiss!’
(Laila, aged 4)

Directed by: Alasdair Satchel
Performed by: Tania Czajka
Lighting Design: George Tarbuck
Sound Design & Composition: Nik Paget-Tomlison & Niroshini Thambar
Set Design: Iain Halket
Graphic Design: robbygraphics.com

Promoters Info

The show is also adaptable to tour schools and will soon be accompanied by a Teaching Pack.

Please contact us for more details and prices.

Our aim is that every child enjoys our ‘Little World’ and goes home with a bit of Frenchness in their hearts.