Action Against Hunger shows

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These shows were commissioned by Action Against Hunger (or Action Contre la Faim) to be toured in French London based primary schools, as part of the charity's ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the hunger problems that afflict some parts of the world.

Every year the non-profit organisation focuses on a particular country and the story has to relate to a real child from that country. The shows are in French but can also be performed in English.


Vanni a Faim

Vanni, a little girl from Liberia, wakes up one morning to an empty breakfast bowl. Starving and determined to find something she can eat, she goes on a food quest and finds some helpful people on her way...

Duration : 20mins (+ discussion led by Action Against Hunger staff)
Age : 3 to 8 years

Sharif est Malade

Sharif and his family live in a small village in Bangladesh.
Thirsty, the little boy drinks the water from his bottle. But the water gives him a very sore tummy and he goes in search of a doctor…

Duration : 20mins (+ discussion led by Action Against Hunger staff)
Age : 3 to 8 years

" De Vanni à Sharif, les marionnettes du Petit Monde accompagnent Action Against Hunger depuis plusieurs années dans le cadre de notre évènement « Run Against Hunger ». Les spectacles créés par Tania nous permettent de sensibiliser les tout-petits au problème de la faim dans le monde par une approche positive et adaptée à leur âge. Nous sommes très heureux de cette longue collaboration ! "
(Charlotte Duguet, Run Against Hunger and Community Coordinator)

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