“Knowledge arises neither from objects nor the child, but from interaction between the child and those objects.”

(Jean Piaget)

A little bit about how Tania works

Tania will bring over 20 years of her experience working with children to your schools or community groups. Prior to her visit, she will communicate with you to prepare enjoyable, stimulating and creative workshops for everyone involved.

Whenever possible, Tania will give the children choices and ensure these are respected throughout the sessions, encouraging them to bring out their own creativity.

As a facilitator of learning, Tania will share her expertise and knowledge with the participants, gently guiding them in developing their own French language and creative skills.

Please note that, in some educational contexts, the creative French language learning Tania brings can be particularly useful in:

* developing children’s social skills, such as communicating and working in teams.
* developing children’s resilience and self-esteem.

If you have an idea for a project and wish to work on it with Tania, please get in touch! She loves exploring new ways of bringing her French language to life!

We run workshops for

Through well planned hands-on creative sessions, children learn new skills and get an opportunity to practice their French voices...

Our aim is that every child enjoys our ‘Little World’ and goes home with a bit of Frenchness in their hearts.