Tania has just arrived from Paris for a very special occasion: the world's tastiest carrot competition!
In her trunk, she carries her very own garden, from which a whole world is revealed... A world of Tania's animal friends, each of them desperate for a taste of her prize carrot... The wonderful world of Lapin!

'Such a well-crafted, attractive and absorbing show which will always be well-received wherever it goes (Sylvia Troon, storyteller)'

'I liked the worm and the rabbit a lot! And the bird gave my doll a kiss!' (Laila, aged 4)

Directed by: Alasdair Satchel
Performed by: Tania Czajka
Lighting Design: George Tarbuck
Sound Design & Composition: Nik Paget-Tomlison & Niroshini Thambar
Set Design: Iain Halket
Graphic Design:

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